Bibliography, the Odyssey

by John Lewis, Formerly, Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science, Duke University

This is a modest list of preferred translations and companions.

Translations (listed by translator, roughly in order of preference)

  • The Odyssey of Homer, Richard Lattimore, translator. One of the best, probably the very best, poetic English translations.
  • The Odyssey by Homer, translation by Rieu. This and the Iliad were the intellectual inheritance of the later Greeks. The uniquely Greek world-view developed in the period in which this was composed. The Rieu translation is prose, not poetry, and so loses some of the flavor of the original but this makes the story easier to follow: adventure, revenge, daring and triumph.

Companions and Guides

  • Homer's Odyssey, A Companion to the Translation of Richmond Lattimore by P. V. Jones. A detailed, line-by-line commentary on the epic poem by a classical scholar. (out-of-print, see sources.)

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Odyssey of Homer by Richard Lattimore

Odyssey of Homer by Richard Lattimore