Facts, Not Fear

Perhaps the worst of the environmentalist misinformation is aimed at children in schools. Kids are taught that Earth is teetering on the brink of destruction and will be pushed into the abyss if their mothers use one more Styrofoam cup.

Most adults accept much of the environmentalist propaganda as well. The purpose of Facts, Not Fear is to present the truth about many of the environmentalist "sacred cows"- from recycling and population control to the ozone layer and "rain forests." It is a guidebook for adults, with helpful advice on how to present these issues rationally to children. This carefully researched work lays out the facts, and debunks fallacies in an easily understandable manner.

After each topic, there is a section that instructs parents on how to answer their children's questions. Another section gives suggestions for educational activities by which parents can reinforce the lessons presented in the book. (The authors include appendices which list both scientific and propagandistic books on environmentalism.)

The authors are not content just to present the narrow facts relevant to some environmental issue. They proceed to make broad, illuminating integrations of those facts. They show how capitalism is the only means of enhancing human welfare: "This stress on cutting consumption and redistributing wealth omits the fact that . . . wealth must be created; it is not a 'given.' Unless the poorer countries create wealth, redistribution will accomplish nothing."

And they explain why in principle the claims about "vanishing resources" are false:

"Natural resources aren't useful until human beings figure out how to use them, and human ingenuity is constantly finding how to use new resources or old resources in new ways. As long as the human mind is free to be creative. . . we should not worry about depleting our natural resources."

One is struck by the authors' objectivity. Every abstraction they draw is firmly grounded in perceptual fact, and they clearly explain each step of its derivation. After reading this book, you will understand the truth about each of the environmental issues, and be able to explain it convincingly to the man on the street.

Facts, Not Fear is one of the best armories of facts you are likely ever to come across. Don't miss this gem of a book!

(300 pages)

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  • Facts, Not Fear by Michael Sanera and Jane S. Shaw. This page arms parents with the facts needed to objectively think and communicate about environmentalist claims.