Magnetism and Astronomy Links

Katherine Kelley provides this list of useful links for information about Astronomy and Magnetism.

      Link to Oct 2005 Sky Star map for Northern and Southern Hemisphere:

This site provides a monthly star map of the sky for helping to find the constellations. It’s one of the better sites for sky/star maps I have found that is easy to use and free. I have already procured permission from the site to make up to 50 copies for our class use for Oct, Nov, and Dec. I just need the photocopy paper to do that. Anyone visiting the site is allowed to make 1 copy for personal use.

The site also provides a listing of the monthly astronomical events by date:


      This link is to a website for information on Light Pollution. What is Light Pollution and how does it affect stargazing?  Some good photographs available.


      This link is to a website that is set up by NASA. It has a short easy to understand video that demonstrates why there are seasons. You may need to watch it twice to get the part where the sun rays are hitting the equator. That occurs in the video when the Earth is at top and bottom of the page or N and S orientation from the sun.



      This link is to a website that has a video clip of an aurora as it is moving across the sky. Real cool!


      This link is to a website that has a huge collection of photos of auraoras that are just beautiful.


      This link is to a website all about magnets, experiments with magnets, magnetic forces on earth and the very critical role magnets play in our very existence and everyday life.  This is the homepage for this Mr. Magnet Man:   Check out the info listed on this page to get an idea of the extensive information on magnets. I never knew that there could be so much!!   The list below is just 1/3 of what is available. The boxed letters of EXPT stands for experiment related to this topic.



Horseshoe Magnet

Horseshoe Magnet