One Years Old

This page lists books to read to children or for them to read to themselves. For books about children and childraising, see Education.

In addition to the books listed here, an excellent source of both book lists and information about children's evolving need for books is Babies Need Books.

Many books listed on the pages for earlier ages continue to be suitable for this age, and may be appreciated with a growing sophistication.


  • 1 2 3 by Jan Pienkowski. A counting book with clearly drawn, interesting objects.
  • Birds. Colorful pictures of many birds. (out-of-print, see sources.)
  • Boats by Byron Barton. Many kinds of boats. Simple, clear illustrations.
  • Dr Seuss's ABC. Silly but engaging rhymes.
  • Duck is Dirty by Satoshi Kitamura. Duck goes for a walk, gets rather muddy but then clean again.
  • Each Peach, Pear, Plum by Allan Ahlberg, text; Janet Ahlberg, illustration.. Using the Mother Goose characters, each event in this rhymed story builds on the preceding, but challenges the child to find the new participant. In the end, all come together satisfyingly.
  • Faces by Anne Geddes. Photographs of babies with a variety of emotional expressions.
  • Farm Counting Book by Jane Miller. Animals require counting. Photos are clear and attractive. (out-of-print, see sources.)
  • First Steps by Lee Wardlaw, author; Julie Paschkis, illustrator. A baby bravely walks for the first time, and reaches his goal: Mommy.
  • Fish. Many colorful pictures of various fish. (out-of-print, see sources.)
  • It's My birthday by Helen Oxenbury. All the animals help bake a birthday cake. Illustrations are charming and crisp.
  • My First Word Book by Venice Shone. Many familiar objects, clearly pictured and named.
  • Opposites by Sandra Boynton. Cute rhymes and pictures illustrating opposites such as hot/cold, left/right, and so forth.
  • Peek-a-Boo! by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. A cute, illustrated rhyme about a baby and what he sees through cut-outs in the pages.
  • Planes by Byron Barton. Many kinds of ariplanes. Simple, clear illustrations.
  • Reptiles. Colorful pictures of many reptiles. (out-of-print, see sources.)
  • The Baby's Catalog by Allan Ahlberg, text; Janet Ahlberg, illustration.. Simple pictures of familiar objects.
  • Things that Grow. Fruits, trees, flowers, shrubs and vegetables.
  • Tom and Pippo in the Garden by Helen Oxenbury. Follow Tom and Pippo through their day with clear, simple and charming illustrations. This is one of many Tom and Pippo books. (out-of-print, see sources.)
  • Tools by Venice Shone. A vivid catalog of household and specialized tools.
  • Wheels by Venice Shone. All sorts of wheeled vehicles, categorized. (out-of-print, see sources.)
  • Where's Spot by Eric Hill. Lift the flaps to help Spot's mother find Spot the puppy.

Audio Recordings

  • Il Etait Une Fois, An Elementary French Reader by Francoise Savigny. Three children's stories, in French of course, recorded on tape and with a follow-along book.


  • Blue's Clues. A boy, Steve, and his dog, Blue, explore the world while searching for puzzle clues.
  • Kipper by Mick Inkpen. Simply and cheerfully drawn, Kipper and his friends have unusual adventures.
  • Theodore Tugboat. Toddler tugboats explore the Big Harbor.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine. Adventures of a small train and his friends, with gentle, pre-political-correctness morals.